SolFit trainers are certified as Medical Exercise Specialists by the Medical Exercise Training Institute. They are trained in functional anatomy, pathology, medical communication and terminology, assessment and provocative testing procedures. Medical exercise specialists are trained to recognize potential problems with clients and refer them to their health professional for evaluation and subsequent treatment. Medical Exercise Specialists know their role and scope of practice and do NOT provide any diagnosis or medical treatment to any client for any reason. This allows the medical professional to feel more at-ease when referring patients with medical conditions to SolFit for functional conditioning services. SolFit asks that clients regularly visit their medical professional for check-ups and evaluation when necessary. SolFit also promotes client compliance with their medical professional’s health recommendations. Finally, SolFit can, per request, provide the medical professional with documentation of sessions, program outcomes and other pertinent information at regularly scheduled intervals. This will allow the medical professional to observe the effectiveness and safety of the functional conditioning program.