Start the New Year Strong

At Solfit, we believe that developing fitness and improving wellness is one of the best investments one can make. I hope that sharing my fitness journey story will inspire you to start your own this new year!


Beginnings of the Journey
I was never the sporty type in high school. I didn’t exercise outside of gym class and that continued onto college. I started exercising regularly when I met David in 2011. My goal at the time was to lose weight to improve my physical appearance. My workouts were mostly cardio coupled with strength training. It wasn’t until about a year after David received his personal training certification in 2014 that I felt comfortable training on my own. Through working out consistently and with David’s assistance, I learned to perform exercises independently. David worked closely with me and introduced exercises that aid in correcting muscle imbalance due to chronic back and leg pain on my right side. Initially we thought that the cause was related to sciatica but several MRI exams showed that it was not the case. Pain medications and muscle relaxants helped the pain but I knew that it was not a long term solution. I resolved to seek alternative treatments for pain through exercise and yoga.

It wasn’t until many years later in 2018 that the culprit was found when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I learned that endometriosis can cause leg and back pain. I was partly relieved to find out the cause of my pain. I had seen many doctors in the past and even after many imaging exams they weren’t able to pinpoint the root cause of my pain. Although I still experience pain from endometriosis from time to time, I found that exercise and stretches gave me pain relief. Yoga especially helps decrease the event of flare ups and relieves leg and back pain.

Throughout the years, I discovered that my goals for becoming fit has changed from trying to lose a few pounds to improving my flexibility and increasing strength to name a few! When I first started working out it felt like a chore because I didn’t know what to do around the gym. However, the more that I exercised the more it became a part of my lifestyle that I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I found so many characteristics of fitness that I can improve on. Instead of “lose X amount of weight”, I set goals like “running X amount of distance” or “increasing running pace to 10 minutes per mile”.

Exercise into Habit
There are so many aspects of fitness that could be improved besides weight loss. I do think that weight loss is a good initial goal for most people, and there is nothing wrong with that. Losing weight, even as little as 5-10%, can drastically improve one’s quality of life (MedicalNewsToday). As a NASM certified weight loss specialist and future nutritionist, I hope to help individuals with medical weight loss. One of the issues that arise after the end of a fitness program is that many individuals will stop exercising once weight loss is achieved. In some cases this results in regaining back the lost weight several months later. I believe that if individuals develop healthy habits throughout the course of a fitness or wellness program, they will be able to maintain their progress and improve upon other fitness goals.

Final Thoughts
When starting your fitness journey, keep in mind that your goals can change from losing weight into something like being able to run a marathon. At some point during your fitness journey, I hope that you experience the feeling that exercise is not just a thing that you “have to do” but it’s something that you “want to do”. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, we hope that it becomes an essential part of your daily routine. Our programs are designed with long term goals in mind, so that our clients can continue improving their fitness safely and effectively. I truly believe that exercise along with diet is the foundation for improving and maintaining quality of life throughout adulthood.