David, I was lucky enough to start working out with you about 2 months ago. I had not been working out and was hesitant to start again because I have a medical issue with my knees. Your background in medical fitness training has made all the difference for me. To my utter disbelief, the sense of fun you bring to each workout has converted this couch potato to a fitness fan! I actually look forward to working out now. Whenever your workout plan includes some move that my knees don’t want to make, you immediately have an alternative suggestion to work the muscle without the knee strain. Thanks to the full body workouts that you design for every class, in just 2 months I have dropped 3 dress sizes and my shirts are starting to get baggy. You manage to work muscles I never even thought about, and the results are apparent. Thanks so much for your hard work, your support and your help.
— Gail MacDonald La Bruno
I started training with David about a year and a half ago. At the time I was having a lot of pain in my wrist. David suggested that I get a pair of wristbands and I did. These bands really helped with the pain I was having. Now when he gives me exercises to do with my hands and my wrist starts to hurt, he gives me another exercise that has the same outcome but it takes the pressure off of my wrists. David is a wonderful trainer and I would recommend him to anyone especially if there have any kind of debilitating pain. He can and will help you. I am so grateful to David.
— Nancy Cavanagh
Hi David,
I wanted to share my experience with you. Having hit mid-life I went for the “usual tests” and was told I have osteopenia in my lower back as well as higher than normal cholesterol. Everything I’ve read says diet and exercise is the answer. So I decided it was time to invest some time and energy in myself. It’s a daunting task for a 50 plus year old woman with no real gym experience to find a place. I found Yvette’s Fitness Center online and through her you. Your background and skills are exactly what I was looking for. With your medical background you are the bridge between physical therapy and a regular gym program. I have been training with you about seven weeks and I’ve already noticed a big difference. I’ve gained strength and flexibility. The quality of my life has improved I’m able to do the things I enjoy again...like garden and run with the dog. And I am pain free.

Thank you so much. And I look forward to continuing to work with you.
— Joann Atkins
When I met David in Japan, his passion for exercise showed instantly. His fire ignited my own and I have been transformed what some people might call an “exercise junkie”. David helped me reach my fitness goals. I lost about 16 lbs. and gained muscle mass in a span of a year or so. I have been suffering with chronic pain on my right leg since I was a teenager. This contributes to chronic lower back pain and at times knee pain. David’s expertise in medical exercise helped develop a program that is challenging but suitable for my condition. With his knowledge, he is able to support my recovery in-between workouts and also aids in pain management. He truly works wonders. Thank you!!!
— Gemady Langfelder
David Langfelder is a wonderful trainer. I’ve attended his Flex & Stretch in addition to other classes at Yvette’s Fitness for more than a year. With out a doubt David has helped me regain my flexibility, strength and balance. He is very knowledgeable and has a soft spoken assurance when directing his classes.
— Elena Hernandez-Ron
Yippee!! I feel so much better! I started seeing Dave due to knee pain and muscle stiffness, especially after playing tennis. Dave has strengthened the muscles around my knees and has been doing stretching exercises to help ease muscle pain, stiffness and to improve my flexibility. All have worked!!

What I really like is that Dave fits the workout to fit MY needs, not just the general pool.

THANK YOU, Dave!!!
— Judy Caron
David is a true gem to work with. His extensive knowledge in medical exercise is an asset to my facility. Whether you work with him through our gym or do in home training with him I have 100% confidence you will be in good hands. He will tend to your specific goals and needs in a professional and personal manner. I would highly recommend him as a medical exercise specialist.
— Yvette Bernosky
To the best trainer ever: The exercise routine you gave me is kicking my ass. I already lost two pounds and can see the difference in my clothes! Can you come to NJ? We need great trainers here like you!
— Diane Lang
Suffering from shoulder pain and weakness I observed David Langfelder helping a follow shoulder sufferer. I liked his approach and problem understanding and felt this is the trainer for me. Dave’s personal focus on the weakened areas and methodical training in stretching and strengthening, has relieved my pain and strengthened my shoulders and conditioned my whole body as well. Dave stresses technique and form for the correct development of troubled areas. I highly recommend Dave to anyone in need of medical rehab for a lasting recovery. I found my experience extremely rewarding.
— Richard Lauer
I met David J Langfelder at Yvette’s Health and Fitness Center over a year ago, when he became the personal trainer for the 6:30 AM class. David has tremendous passion for fitness and it shows in every class, with the multiple exercises he designs for each class to work different muscles and parts of the body. David’s dedication to health and fitness shows in his new achievement, as he has been recently certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist, in addition to his Personal Trainer Certification. All around individual, dedicated to maintain and improve the quality of life of each and every one of his students. David has many other talents, he is a musician who plays different instruments to keep the world happy. He is a world traveler and can speak Japanese. He keeps a busy schedule and the legion of students seeking his class grows from week to week
— Manuel Chipote
I met David in Japan a few years back. The guy has an amazing personality and has become a true friend. He also used to help me out with my training whilst he was here in Japan. Sometime last year I told him about my knee problem. I had been having some knee pain for the last 10 years. I went for x-rays and the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with my knee from the the x-ray information. At this time it was determined that it was pain caused by a muscle and they weren’t really clear with what they were saying, so I had to live with this excruciating pain on my knee. Things changed for the better sometime last year. I was chatting to David and I told him that I couldn’t really workout well at the gym because of my knee. He suggested to me some stretching and exercise tips for my knee and whole body. Ever since I tried out his methods, I have been working out with no problem and no pain. When I started following his tips ,the pain slowly disappeared. Now I’m able to dance, run and train with no worries. Thanks once again bro.
— Chris Jay
We started working with David in our home three times a week almost 3 months ago. We have found him to be exceptionally well trained, knowledgeable, as well as extremely kind and understanding. Following his initial assessment where he learned our medical histories, limitations, and weaknesses, he has devised workouts appropriate to our starting fitness level encompassing and stressing balance, strength, and cardiovascular development. Each workout has been different, and each slowly builds on the progress made on prior workouts. He carefully explains what each exercise is designed to achieve, and demonstrates proper techniques in performing the exercise to minimize and prevent injury. Follow up e-mails after workouts will ask whether there are any residuals such as excessive soreness, such that he should modify his next workout plan. With each session he is always very encouraging and complimentary of our efforts. In summary, he is extremely professional and thoughtful as well as highly respectful of our home environment. As retired medical professionals, we feel extremely fortunate to have him as our trainer. We already feel that in this period of time we have made significant progress in our overall physical fitness and sense of well being.
— Susan and Richard Benson