Our goal is to cultivate sustainable weight loss through a combination of exercise and lifestyle modifications. Each client responds differently to exercise. Through thorough assessment and re-evaluation we strive to maximize client's goal attainment. We aim to work with your healthcare team to deliver a safe and effective program design.

Diet modifications is an essential component of any weight loss program. SolFit offers fundamental nutrition education such as how to read a nutrition facts label. Meal planning, which is within the scope of practice of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, is currently not offered. Gemady Langfelder is a Dietetics student at UH Manoa and will be offering meal planning services upon graduation.

 Additionally, activities outside of training contribute to the results of a weight loss program. SolFit works with clients to modify activities of daily living to maximize weight loss and overall health.


Weight Management vs. Weight Loss

We believe that focusing on implementing positive changes such as regular exercise and diet modifications are essential to overall health. As a result of these lifestyle modifications weight loss should follow.

Although we monitor our client's weight regularly, the ultimate goal is to determine if the program is working and if there can be changes made to improve the workout. Weigh-ins can be a way to track progress and boost confidence in the program, but at the initial stage of the training program some weight gain from an increase in muscle mass may be observed. Therefore, we re-assess other aspects of fitness other than weight.

Finally, we hope for our clients to gain the knowledge to improve their health holistically in a way that can be sustained independently.